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Postcolonial Studies and Pantayong Pananaw in Philippine Historiography: A Critical Engagement

Rommel A. Curaming


This paper offers a platform for a mutually critical imaginary dialogue between two different anti-Eurocentric analytic approaches, Postcolonialism (PC) and Pantayong Pananaw (From-Us, For-Us Perspective, PP). The dialogue foregrounds key areas of engagement between these approaches and allows in the process to revisit a number of vexing issues that interrogate them as well as the nature of an engaged, pro-marginalized scholarship. It suggests that while each approach can profitability learn from the other, it seems that a truly progressive aspiration may be better served by going beyond the current orientations or foci of the two approaches.


critical theory; indigenization; Postcolonialism; power/knowledgel; progressive scholarship

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13185/KK2016.02705