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Reconstructing Female Sex in Emergent Novels

Muhammad Alkali, Rosli Talif


The notions of, which are at once both anti-masculinity and anti-femininity are topmost aspects of Negotiation-feminism. This new feminism emphasizes the fact that we owe feminism the power and honesty in reconciling the sexes in every prejudice against woman. The significant findings are that a very plausible answer, for example, to a previously unanswerable question has been found against domestic subjugation, and necessarily, such discourse as new novels by new writers on new woman is identifiable. The paper, therefore, argues for the need to step forward together between the sexes in the feminist aspects of exemplary Nigerian novels, demonstrating how the emergent feminist wake-up call repositions woman in improving the lives of housewives and, of course, their husbands. With fire and imaginative power, this wake-up call strengthens feminist civilization towards civility of reconciliation between the sexes.


Gender; Nego-feminism; Nigerian novel; womanhood; postfeminism

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13185/KK2016.02603