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The Next Growth Strategy for Hallyu: A Comparative Analysis of Global Entertainment Firms

Yeon W. Lee, Kyuchan Kim


Previous policy approaches on Hallyu have been focused on the role of government engagement, particularly in fostering diversity and equal business opportunities for small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs). However, a more strategic approach to the cultural industries should be implemented by carefully examining the role of the private sector, particularly the role of large enterprises (LEs). This is important because LEs have an overarching and fundamentally differentiated role in increasing the size of industry through their expansive value-creating activities and diversified business areas. This study focuses on the complementary roles of SMEs and LEs in facilitating the growth of Hallyu by bringing in the perspective of value chain diversification and the modified value chain framework for the film industry. By conducting a comparative analysis of the global entertainment firms in the US, China, and Japan, this study reveals how LEs in the global market enter and explore new industries within culture and continue to enhance their competitiveness. By forming a business ecosystem through linking their value-creating activities as the platform of network, this study looks into the synergistic role among enterprises of different size and scale and suggests that Korea’s policy for Hallyu should reorient toward a new growth strategy that encourages the integrative network of firms where the value activities of LEs serve as the platform for convergence.


cultural policy; entertainment industry; growth strategy; Hallyu; platform; value-creating activities

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13185/KK2019.03205