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Homo Tropicus: A Yearning

J. Pilapil Jacobo


Variations on the theme of the tropical diptych suggest a temporality whose percussion presents a counterpoint to the habit of symphonic time, that is, temperate time, one premised on a quadruple measure of exuberance (summer), descent (autumn), cessation (winter), and nascence (spring). What I am trying to introduce here is a sense of a choreography that may be akin to a primal fort-da —a kinesis that elicits at the same time that it donates an attunement to the earth that is more displaced than located. Hence I begin the utterance, even an ululation, of a desire to seek out what remains from this movement—what could be that creature of stasis that may as well be a worldling, an indigene, a subject whose promise is a species whom we name homo tropicus.


anachronistic space, autochthone, homotropy, Manila, time of the Other, tropology

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13185/1433