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What We Want this Journal to Be: Our First Editorial Essay in which We Hope to Start a Continuing and Evolving Conversation about Why We are Now Creating this New Journal and What We Want It to Become

James A. F. Stoner



The primary purpose of this journal is to help all of us move more rapidly toward a sustainable and socially just world. We will seek to do so by providing a forum in which scholarship oriented toward sustainability and social justice, that is, toward building a better world for all, can be published and, we hope, influence all of us as scholars, managers, leaders, and citizens of the world to effect positive change. We, the editorial board, believe that this purpose is stable and we hope that our editors, contributors, and readers will be willing and eager to take risks, try out new ideas and types of analysis, insights, and approaches, learn from our experiences, and welcome changes in and evolution of the journal. It is clear that even the best informed and wisest among us has little certainty about how to manage for globalsustainability. Humility thus is appropriate in all we write and do—but weseek to combine humility with intellectual rigour and professional boldness.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13185/JM2013.01101