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Transforming Finance and Business Education: Finance’s Unique Opportunities



Mankind faces the challenge of transforming the existing global production, distribution, and consumption system into one that is more just and sustainable and which the Earth’s resources can support (e.g., Francis, 2015). Unfortunately, current business education is “part of the problem” of global unsustainability as it supports, enables, justifies, and intensifies the unsustainable aspects of the existing business system. Thus, while all people have opportunities to contribute to this transformation and are “called” to do so, university administrators and professors in all disciplines have a special opportunity and obligation to heed that call.

This article is the second of three planned articles focusing on business education, and particularly on finance teaching within that education. It describes finance professors’ exceptional opportunity to become “part of the solution” and how some are already doing so. It concludes by describing why finance professors in faith-enabled business schools, such as those of the world’s Jesuit universities, have an especially great opportunity to contribute to this transformation.


business education; finance teaching; sustainability

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13185/JM2017.05205