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Scholarships and Education Projects in the Chinese Filipino Community: An Overview

Joaquin A. Sy


The paper provides a brief discussion on the Chinese in the Philippines and the current state of education system in the community. While Chinese Filipino schools cater mainly to ethnic Chinese in the Philippines, these are also open to all Philippine residents. Almost all graduates of these schools eventually pursue higher education in Philippine colleges and universities. Upon graduation, they become professionals and serve not only the Chinese Filipino community but the larger Philippine society. The guiding principle of the community for the past two decades has been to produce graduates with a solid grounding in Chinese language and culture, who are multicultural and multilingual and equipped to meet the challenges of the new century. To help in furthering this objective, different scholarships and education projects are available in the Chinese Filipino community. The paper ends with a discussion on the major education projects that
benefit the mainstream society, and hopefully identify the best practices that can be replicated outside of the Chinese Filipino community.


Chinese Filipino scholarships; education projects; Chinese language education

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