A new website has been launched for Asia Pacific Mission Studies at https://ajol.ateneo.edu/apms . This site will be archived on 31 May 2022.

Asia Pacific Mission Studies

Asia Pacific Mission Studies (APMS) is an electronic open-access online journal published twice a year. Responding to the increasing role of electronic media, APMS succeeds its predecessor, East Asian Pastoral Review (EAPR), which ended its publication in 2016 in printed form. Like EAPR, APMS is the publication of East Asian Pastoral Institute (EAPI) run by the Society of Jesus within the campus of Ateneo de Manila University. EAPI specializes in pastoral renewal and leadership programs for pastoral agents and missionaries of the Asia-Pacific region. In line with the thrust of EAPI, APMS aims to promote knowledge and research related to the mission of the Church, in a way that bridges theology and ministry in the Asia-Pacific context, and facilitates informed praxis and effective witnessing by the Church. Although the journal is not a peer-reviewed publication, it endeavors to maintain a high level of theological and pastoral standards.



Call For Papers


The APMS Editorial Committee and Editorial Board welcome the following kinds of papers:

  1. Essays, feature articles, and biblical and theological studies—preferably original research—on the Church and mission in the context of Asia-Pacific;
  2. Write-ups or research reports about the situation, pastoral context, and particular missionary challenges in countries—particularly though not exclusively—in the Asia-Pacific region;
  3. Comprehensive summaries or chapters of MA/STL theses by EAPI alumni;
  4. Reviews of recently published important books in the areas of bible scholarship, applied theology, pastoral work, missiology, and church leadership. 

The Editorial Committee looks forward to receiving article proposals in response to this call, and will be happy to respond to inquiries from interested parties.

Questions to the Editorial Committee may be submitted via e-mail to apms@eapi.org.ph.

We are grateful in advance to all authors for their participation in this effort to produce new materials that will contribute to the success of APMS.

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