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Interdisciplinarity and Ignatian Pedagogy

Jose Eos Trinidad


Jesuit institutions of higher education have addressed the call to interdisciplinary studies through courses, programs, books, and curricula; however, less is understood about how a specific part of these institutions—that is, Ignatian pedagogy—is itself interdisciplinary. Through a historical and textual analysis of foundational Jesuit documents, particularly The Characteristics of Jesuit Education and Ignatian Pedagogy: A Practical Approach, I argue that Ignatian pedagogy is interdisciplinary in its assumption, perspective, and solution, while at the same time a pedagogical paradigm that enriches the practice of interdisciplinary studies, given the paradigm’s experiential focus, contemplative criticality, and action orientation. As such, there arises a relationship of mutual enrichment between Ignatian pedagogy and interdisciplinarity: each possibly contributing to the practice of the other. This article ends with practical challenges and opportunities stemming from this interaction. 

KEYWORDS: interdisciplinary studies; Ignatian pedagogical
paradigm; Jesuit higher education; Ignatian spirituality; education

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