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Why Does Innovation Matter for Inclusive Development? Some Evidence from Contemporary Indonesia

Yanuar Nugroho, Tusy Augustine Adibroto, Jimmy Tanaya, Dwitri Amalia, Irsan Pawennei


Innovation for Inclusive Development (IID) has emerged as a growing interest, bringing together innovation studies and development research. Its basic premise is that innovation can and should play a central role in making development more inclusive. Using the secondary data of 250 initiatives reported by academia, civil society, businesses, and government in Indonesia, along with few selected case studies, this paper aspires to understand the characteristics of IID. We gather a plethora of practices across sectors and actors, geographical contexts, and development agendas. We found that at the core of IID is the attempt to widen people’s access to developmental resources, and to deepen their participation in decision-making and improving their livelihood. Arguing that different perspectives are needed when examining initiatives and their implications at different levels, the paper offers an insight into what makes the IID initiative more likely to succeed or otherwise, and calls for further research in this field.

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