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Competencies and Performance of Social Entrepreneurs in the Bicol Region

Crezel D. Barbonio-Obrero, Maria Nina Cadano-Howard, PhD, Nino Martin P. Obrero


This article examines the competencies and performance of organizations that prioritize the “triple bottom line,” emphasizing social or environmental and economic dimensions, known as social enterprises. Social enterprises are vehicles for inclusive growth and sustainable development because of their drive to respond to economic, social, and environmental problems. However, Filipino social enterprises still face significant obstacles to growth. With mixed methodology, the study found that social entrepreneurs in the Bicol region obtained high ratings in performance attributed to their high social responsibility results and a medium rating in business performance. This article illustrates that social enterprises in the Bicol region should improve their entrepreneurial quality to upgrade their business performance. Furthermore, the study may provide tips for social enterprises in the Philippines to improve their growth.


business performance; ethics; social entrepreneurship; social impact; social responsibility

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