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What You Do Not Know About DASH Diet Might Surprise You The DASH Diet Pitfall Foods not mentioned within this chart should be excluded or consumed in very little quantities. Ensure you drink enough even in the event that you don't feel thirsty. It's simple enough to clean up, but it isn't straightforward either. The Meaning of DASH Diet Even though the diet comprises heahlthful fats, there's still a high fat content, so servings ought to be moderate for the best outcomes. Very good HDL levels are harmful if they're too low. You might want to cut back on salt intake. Consuming potassium-rich food will balance out the extra sodium levels within the body. Key Pieces of DASH Diet Luckily, even though the chance of developing high blood pressure increases as we age, there are lots of things that we are able to do in order to lower this risk. It originally started as ahigh blood pressure dietbut was embraced by people who want to eliminate weight. To be able

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