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The book is a page turner and may easily be read daily. |} {{Additionally|Moreover}, the books can be {bought|purchased} separately. |} {In addition|Moreover}, {it is|it's} {divided|broken} into {episodes and stories|stories and episodes}. For thos that {are not|aren't} able to {read|browse} the {book|publication}, the {second|next} {alternative|choice} is to {find|discover} the movie. {In any|Whatever the} case, {it's|it is} not their story. The story is {straightforward|simple} enough and {simple|easy} to follow. {Therefore|Consequently}, if {you're|you are} {searching for|trying to find} a {fantastic|wonderful} story, but {don't|do not} have {enough|sufficient} time to {commit|dedicate} to {a whole|an entire} book (or {audio|sound} book), here are a {number|variety} of podcasts that {feature|contain} well-crafted {stories|tales} in a {distinctive format|format that is distinctive}.

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