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Tech: A Multi Contour System (MCS) footbed is featured in Every shoe, in addition to shock-absorbing Oh gel at each heel (heightsvary from 1 1/2 inches to 3 inches). Both are exclusive to the brand. Establish: Fall '04How it works: The two-part footbed Foot, incorporates a base having a back. https://github.com/skateszone/skate/wiki/How-To-Know-What-Size-Of-Skateboard-Should-I-Need-To-Get

 The shank is flexible at the forepart and layered witha contoured foam foam for cushioning and support. The gel is positioned between the heel and lift. User advantages fatigue, and supports the Foot through the stride. The gel is designed to consume up to 30 percent of effect onheel strike. Development: Work began on the notion ten years back by Comfort Products Inc., a pioneer in footwear-comfortresearch. Oh tapped to the technology.

Michigan State University's Biomechanics Laboratory tested the shoes before launching. Price: $150 to $200From the specialist: "The combination of superior comfort and Support with trendy styling defines the reason behind being," saidOh Shoes President Gary Wells. "Three things occur: decrease of impact, stability throughout the foot strike and cushioningwithout sacrificing support."

DVSTech: Bruise Control, a personalized Cushioning system utilizing a Detech Soft gel pad plus Super Soft STS foam. Launch: Spring '05, in one men's fashion called the Kapsule (envisioned). How it works: A removable heel mat is available in two Densities, allowing the user to personalize the total amount of cushioningin the shoe, depending on the skating terrain. Super Soft STS foam was created for usage like skating around town or in a park,while the Detech Soft gel pad was created for activity, such as hand railings and vertical drops.

User benefits: Reduce bruising of the foot and heel and Provides a comfort. Development: With input from DVS footwear designersand riders, Bruise Control moved from concept to market in 1 year. Cost: $85From the expert: "The technology is unique because it provides [consumers] a opportunity to personalize the shoe," explained KellyKikuta, design manager for DVS. "They can socialize with the shoe, [in exactly the same] way they put up their skateboard.

" ASOLOTechnology: AsoSorb, a gender- and weight-specific technology Showcased in pick low-cut trail shoes. Intro: Spring '05, in nine men's fashions and seven women's styles. How it works: A lasting board is designed to fit A men's or women's foot. It's based on the idea that the taller a person is, thebigger their foot is more support is required as the shoe size increases. https://github.com/skateszone/skate/wiki/How-Many-Different-Types-Of-Skateboards-List--For-Beginners

Each durable board also features a heel component inlight and heavy weight densities, and can be offered in two size ranges for men and women: men's 6.5 to 10 (mild) and 10.5 to 14(hefty); and women's 5 to 7 (light) and 7.5 to 11 (heavy).

 User benefits: Reduces fatigue with time. The thinner Building of the board allows flexibility. Improvement: Research for AsoSorb started three Decades ago; it is An development of Asolo's AsoFlex technology that wasintroduced in 1984. Price: $95 to get variant; $125 to get Gore-Tex version.In the specialist: "The way a lady or a man conveys their Weight differs and it makes sense to have technical product availablefor the two," explained Jason Stadler, senior customer-service manager for Asolo.

"Additionally, girls want specific item. They donot need a men's hand-me-down." SalomonTech: a suspension supplier, Ground Control System for Irregular surfaces. Launch: Spring '05, the women's GCS Comp (pictured) along with the The GSC Pro -- both of which are adventure and trail-runningshoes of men. How it works: In the shoe's heel, four columns of spring-loaded Material are sandwiched between a flexible plate and a secureplate. The structure acts as uneven surfaces to level out.

The plate shifts to compensate for various levels of terrain, allowingthe user to remain, seemingly, on level ground. User benefits: Lessens effect reduces wear and tear on the body. Development: Atthe functions over the previous 18 weeks, the technology is currently a collaboration between Salomon and Adidas. Price: $130From the specialist: "GCS is exceptional in that it provides active Suspension as opposed to some cushioning or passive system,"said Salomon spokesman Hal Thomson. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-size-skateboard-should-i-get-skates-zone/

"It allows the shoe to Stay secure and it slows Down the jolt which rides the leg up."