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Hue is a land of century and half reign, with much of the value of cultural history along the scenic and the architecture. With tender personality, cute mixed the discreet e hamlet, with a voice to say.... All the enticement that also contribute to creating a beauty shades of culture and Hue separately.
The Huean is close but friendly, smile always bloom on the lips when meeting others, always keen to help others when in trouble. So the Hue life so holy they live very meekly, like doing good, often go temple Buddhist ceremony for you. Hue is moral luxury with a lifestyle in the framework of Giant Strength, and teach you not ramble, talking concise talk less but understand more. You should visit the city one and stay at luxury hotels in Hue for your trip.
The Hue discreet and quiet: They speak little and discreetly in language alone, always keep to interstitial usually concealed his difficulties, not to the car, English story for guests or neighbors. Hue Teen often is discreet, does not reveal the mind for other people to know, when is e hamlet.
The Hue of life are the rules, older people are respected and the young people who see the guest to the house is dear, want to go out must ask permission, family and guests. Man is exalting, especially the husband and father is the breadwinner of the family and can decide everything of the family, affect the choices of children in the family. Hue people, life, nostalgic and conservative: The something new when imported in Hue, need to a very long time to undergo the process of osmosis and carefully selected new is the Hue well received. All people are precious in the traditional values, the core, the essence was parallel with them in life.
Hue people, life-saving and chiu: Hue spend money very carefully weigh a lot when spending money, calculate the li every account. Live where the land there is harsh weather, rain storm, many not favorable in economic development, disasters, capricious make up for Hue people always hoard food and especially money for those at need to use, then sick,.... The Hue and fussy in processed food: With the concept first of all is to eat by eye, cooking is a passion for art, so they are used in creating the dishes, creating beautifully flavored dish bold Hue.
Source: Du Lich