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Julius Chopra

Bio Statement Hapy birthday images I listened, bewildered. What, for God's sake, had Stefan led to such a statement? For all this there could be only one explanation: behind the burglar series was a double of mine - and this doppelganger was none other than Stefan Aurich. Exactly the Stefan Aurich, as its doppelganger I had appeared in Hamburg. Suddenly the "Doppelgänger" manuscript shot me - that was the solution to the tricky puzzle! My attorney said dryly, "My dear Kornblum, think well, how you want to make this hairy story clear to the judge, I'll leave you to think of me until tomorrow," and he was gone.

Hapy birthday images I thought feverishly. Maria! - Yes, Maria! But then it soon became clear to me that Maria was not a question of relief. Either she was Stefan's accomplice, then everything had gone. But I ended this possibility. Stefan's enthusiasm had sounded too real. For what reason would he have told me this story when Maria was his accomplice? Mary was obviously completely uninvolved. But that did not make my situation any better.

If she said, "The man in Stefan's apartment looked like Stefan, and I thought Stefan was the whole time, but now I think it was a certain Ralf Kornblum, of whom I have never heard of. " That would be simply absurd. The witnesses in Hamburg had no reason to doubt their statement happy birthday images - after all, I had played my role perfectly as Stefan's double. And presumably Stefan had been an equally good doppelganger of mine. My situation was hopeless. Hapy birthday images.

But then I still had an idea ...

And I should be right. The statement of the eccentric Figaro was the turning point. All the witnesses in Hamburg had said that they had never seen Stefan with a mustache. But the Figaro assured that the mustache that he had shaved me off was real. He could remember everything: that he should style me as the model of the photo, and at our little dispute, because he thought with mustache, I looked much more interesting. I was released and the suspicion of course immediately against Stefan Aurich. Hapy birthday images.