Social Transformations: Journal of the Global South

Social Transformations is an outlet for critical but engaged knowledge about social justice, collective well being, and sustainable development within and across the Global South, a region we take to refer to societies in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Pacific that are economically, politically, and culturally marginalized. Such studies trace interrelations and solidarities between and among peoples, states, and movements, while acknowledging tensions and contradictions within the South, as well as the legacies, manifestations, and trajectories of the North’s dominance. We support work that analyzes and enables positive change emerging from social movements, development paradigms, policies, and community and grassroots-based interventions. We publish interdisciplinary empirical and conceptual contributions from the different social and human sciences. We also encourage writing that is accessible to specialists and nonspecialists, avoiding both excessive theoretical abstraction and unreflexive empiricism.  The Journal is published twice a year.

Current Issue:

Cover Page

Vol. 2, No. 1 (2014)

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Lisandro E. Claudio 1


“Smartphone Migration” Emerging Lifestyle and Changing Habits of Indian Labor Migrants in Johannesburg PDF
Suraj Yengde 3-33
Transnational Ideas and Connections: Understanding Asian Civil Society Activism PDF
Dominique Caouette, Clara Boulianne Lagacé, Denis Côté 35-59
Mapping the Path to Philippine Reproductive Rights Legislation: Signs of Progress Amidst Obstacles PDF
Sharmila Parmanand 61-80

Conversations on the Global South

Viewing Climate Justice from the South: Interview with Naderev Saño PDF
Lisandro E. Claudio, Naderev Saño 81-85
Contemporary Conflicts in the Asia Pacific Region: Professional Lecture by Walden Bello PDF
Walden Bello 86-89

Book Reviews

Costly Wars, Elusive Peace: Collected Articles on the Peace Processes in the Philippines, 1990–2007, by Miriam Coronel Ferrer PDF
Pamela Joy Mariano-Capistrano 91-93
Women in Southeast Asian Nationalist Movements: A Biographical Approach, edited by Susan Blackburn and Helen Ting PDF
Nicole Cuunjieng 94-97


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